A Coastal Management Inquiry of Sentosa Island, Singapore

Refer to any of the resources provided to answer the three questions below;

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Refer to the excerpts provided below and pages 17 to 22 from the Sentosa Development Corporation’s FY 2009/’10 Annual Report:

“Waterfront Living at sentosa Cove 

Building a Marina Lifestyle Community

Sentosa Cove, the multi-billion dollar development spanning over 117 hectares continues to build its reputation as the most coveted luxurious residential property in asia. Development of the residences in the  north Cove is almost complete and work is well underway in the South Cove.  as the development of the residential precinct takes shape, the focus in the coming years is to build and grow an active community lifestyle within Sentosa Cove.

Complementing the luxury lifestyle at Sentosa Cove will be a vibrant commercial precinct with shops, cafes, restaurants, a premium resort hotel, and other lifestyle service-oriented options for residents and guests.  the upcoming Quayside Village at Sentosa Cove will offer residents, tourists and locals the opportunity to experience waterfront living. It will feature Singapore’s first premium marina hotel (developed by City Developments limited (CDl) and operated by Starwood Hotels and resorts under its W Hotel brand), specialty retail shops, quaint restaurants, SoHo office suites and two sixstorey condominium blocks. When fully developed by 2014, Sentosa Cove will feature more than 2,000 homes, a marina hotel, full yachting marina amenities and quayside commercial units.”

Note: Taken from page 23 of the Sentosa Development Corporation’s FY 2009/’10 Annual Report


1. Identify any coastal management strategies and possible threats to the coast.

The most significant threats to the Sentosa Island coast is erosion due to the waves. Being in the middle of a strait between major bodies of water, Sentosa Island is susceptible to dangers such as tidal waves. But because of the position, and the existence of islands that surround Sentosa Island, the danger of tidal waves wouldn’t be as large as that of a coast that faces the open ocean, such as the California coast-line.

The most frequently used coastal-management strategy, is a combination of rock armor and revetment. In many of the coastlines that do not consist of beaches, there is a sloped wall of rock armor that creates a layer of protection for the coastline. The beaches, however, have small islands that block incoming waves. Alternatively, these small islands also have angled rock armor in the direction of the ocean.

2. Describe the coastal importance of Sentosa Island.

The coast of Sentosa Island, is mainly developed for tourists. There are beaches and various attractions, including a theme park and golf courses on different areas of the island, that are meant to attract both foreign and local tourists. Of all the tourist attractions, the beaches are, the most popular, attracting over 4.5 million guests in the fiscal year of 2009, almost four times as much as that of the second most visited attraction in the same year.

Additionally, the eastern side of the island has been developed for settlement purposes. Various, and a plentiful amount, of housing units, apartments, and hotels, as well as commercial services (e.g. shops and restaurants).

3. Justify the presence, or lack thereof, of the present coastal management strategies, taking into account the importance of the coast.

Because of the significance of the coastline of Sentosa island, the Sentosa Development Corporation has to factor in the benefits of having a balance between the development of coastal management strategies and the appeal of the coast, and the island, to tourists and residents. Being an island, one of the main reasons people would take residence in Sentosa Cove is for the atmosphere of the area, e.g. the view. The SDC (The Sentosa Development Corporation) has to ensure that the view of the the surrounding coast, sea, and islands are not ruined by coastal management strategies, in order to attract potential residents more efficiently. But, several reasons exist to develop coastal management strategies. Because the settlement area of the island is right beside the coast, the SDC also has to factor in the safety of the people and the preservation and the upkeep of the island, its infrastructure, and its buildings. As well, there are the numerous tourist attractions that scatter the island, that the SDC must protect from the potential dangers of erosion. The choice of using a rock armor to absorb the force of the waves helps keep the vista of the ocean more beautiful than if there were a sea wall. As well, the rock armor provides a better vista of the coastline itself than a bare wall.