Settlement: An area that is inhabited by people

This picture depicts a residential area in Miami, Florida. Along the coastline of the island in the foreground, houses were built for the residential purposes.

Resource Extraction: A process which involves the collecting or extraction of natural resources

Above is an oyster farm. Oysters can be used by human either for food, or for their pearls.

Industry: Activity in the processing of raw materials and the manufacturing of goods

This is a shipyard. Shipyards are used for the construction or reparation of various ships and boats.

Wildlife Habitat: An environment which can support populations of animals.

This is a beach in the Galapagos Islands. Much of the Galapagos Islands’ natural environment is preserved for the protection of its wildlife.

Tourism: The commercial organization and operation of vacations and visits to places of interest.

The Santa Monica Pier is a wildly known tourist area in California. It is frequented by many people for the beach, and for the attractions on the pier itself.

Transportation: The movement of people or goods from one destination to another

Much of Venice’s coastline is used for people’s transportation. Much of Venice’s canals are also used for transportation.