I have many different hopes and dreams that I would work for. One of these hopes and dreams is to be involved in the development of the next greatest video game of all time. Even beta testing would be nice. Actually, beta testing would be preferable, because I would be paid to play a game, and then give my thoughts on what I thought of the game’s development so far and how the game could be improved. Although, it would be more beneficial for me if I were in the development team itself. I would gain experience in the field of video game development.

Another dream I have is in a racing career. Every year, I watch most of the Formula 1 races that occur, hoping that Ferrari eventually takes the crown. One day, I hope to be one of the racers, who stand on the podium, holding the trophy, and spraying champagne on the audience.

As a student, I would say that I my performance would be average. In many cases, I would at least try to work on an assignment to meet the expectations. Sometimes, an idea would pop into my head that I think would make the assignment better than expected, in which case I try to incorporate that idea into the assignment itself. Unfortunately for me, the probability of such ideas appearing in my head is somewhat low. There are two main areas in which I am below average. These two are class participation, and essays. In class participation, I don’t give out my ideas during class discussions most of the time. I struggle with essays, mainly because I want to write things, that wouldn’t make the essay as efficient in making its point, or I dwell on an idea for too long that my other ideas are lost. Which also leads to my rather undeveloped essay planning skills, which were almost inexistent until last year. Other than class participation and essays, I believe myself to be an average student.